This Thing over Haunt Rossi during Racing

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Valentino Rossi is one of the famous MotoGP players with many titles. As a professional and famous MotoGP player, many experts can predict his position in every race that he competes. But, he’s not the only one that predicted as winner by experts. He has to compete with other players in every race. In the recent race in MotoGP Germany, Rossi has showing his best performance. But, it seems like there’s something that bothering Rossi so that he finish in third position in that competition. There’s no error in his motorcycle or his performance in general, and it makes people wondering what happened to him.
When people seeing his performance in MotoGP Germany Sunday, July 2012, Rossi seems like in he’s playing safe.  His rival, Marc Marquez, -which he beats in Dutch MotoGP- finish in the first place. Rossi seems like he didn’t want to beats him in the first place. There’s no round in the MotoGP Germany where Rossi get the first place, even once. We can also see that the Yamaha rider didn’t want to take a risk when he’s racing. It’s kind of strange to see Rossi in that kind of performance, even though he still doing really well and get the third place.
Rossi was actually has a chance to beats Dani Pedrossa and snatch the second place in MotoGP Germany. There’s a moment where Rossi actually race faster and get the second place, but it didn’t takes a long time for Pedrossa to snatch the second place again. With those things that happened during the race in MotoGP Germany, many people were waiting for Pedrossa to speak up about his performance. And not long time after the race, Rossi finally speaking and explain about the thing that haunts his mind during his race in MotoGP Germany.
as agen maxbet reported, Rossi said that Dani Pedrossa and Jorge Lorenzo did very well in the MotoGP Germany, and he’s also did his best during the race. But it’s not as simple as that. He said that Lorenzo was really strong and there’s a moment that he’s thinking so hard about race crazily and snatch the first place. But then he decided not to take the risk and let Lorenzo get the first place. The same thing was happened when he knew that Pedrossa was in front of him.
Rossi explain that he want to get the second place so that’s why he race faster than at one moment he can get the second place. But then, he’s also realizing that Pedrossa was very strong and he’s quickly snatching the second place. Rossi did think that get the second place is very important since he can’t get the first place. But then, after thinking about the risk, he decided to let Pedrossa snatch the second place. His thought about not taking the risk was actually very common for many riders. It’s important to win the race, but it’s more important to finish the race safely. Anyway, there are still many competitions in the future and he can win the next race without taking big risk.

Mental Alexis Sanchez is Weak

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Arsenal star and the National Team of Chile, Alexis Sanchez, claimed to be weak by Uruguay defender Jorge Fucile. During the game when Sanchez against Fucile in COPA America 2015, he’s performance was not that good. There are a lot of moments where Sanchez complained to the referee but he was ignored. This kind of attitude can be the false of the player or the referee. But still, referee is the boss in the game. It’s kind of too much for Alexis Sanchez to constantly complain to the referee. Many people were also thought that that is not something that Alexis Sanchez should do.
The referee at that game is Dachshund. The game in the COPA America 2015 at that moment was the quarterfinals. The referee was sent Alexia Sanchez off the field and the game was ended with the glory for Fucile. The score was 1-0 for Fucile. Even though the game has ended with a great result for Fucile, it seems that the issue about Alexis Sanchez during the game is still an issue for Fucile. Even though he didn’t do anything during the game but he did it outside the game. Fucile was saying his feelings about the game with Sanchez outside the game.
The game was a hard game for Fucile because they have to play with ten players only. It’s because Edinson Cavani also red-carded. The result should make Fucile happy, but the attitude of Sanchez is still not making Fucile happy. He said that he didn’t understand why Sanchez doing those complains during the game. There’s nothing wrong with the game or him, so there’s no reason why Sanchez should complains. By doing those complains, Fucile said that it’s the fact that the former Barcelona striker was mentally weak. That is not the attitude that professional player should show during the game.
Fucile claims that he is the one who touched the ball first, and any attacker would have to jump. He said that Sanchez was probably mentality weak since he keeps his complain. At that time, Fucile was run and could not control himself and at the end, he kicked Sanchez. He was also said that during the game when the score is still 0-0, Sanchez didn’t do a lot of action. But when the score has already 1-0, he starts doing those immature things and it makes Fucile thinks that he’s mentally weak.
He actually didn’t know what kind of title that he should gives for Sanchez. He can only say that Sanchez is weak because of his actions. He continues his story by saying that the worst part when Sanchez was close in Fucile sector and said to the referee that Fucile kick him. It’s fortunate that the referee see the truth and saying the right thing for Sanchez. The referee said that Fucile only does his job, the same as Sanchez doing his job to get the ball. It’s kind of pity that the professional player doing that kind of action during the game.

The Reason Why Rossi didn’t want to Beats Marquez

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The Result of the MotoGP Germany was predicted yet it’s kind of surprising for many people. Valentino Rossi performance was kind of weak if we compare his performance in Dutch MotoGP. Valentino Rossi gets the third place in MotoGP Germany in Sunday, July 2015. The first place in the MotoGP Germany finishes in the first place. There’s no round where Rossi get the first place during the race. It’s really unlike Rossi performance in Dutch MotoGP. He’s kind of fierce and really determines to win the race and at the end snatch the first place in Dutch MotoGP. His performance in MotoGP Germany makes people were wondering about his performance.
It’s not the end of the controversy. Rossi was also can’t beat Pedrossa for the second place. At the end, Pedrossa beats Rossi for the second place. He’s actually snatching the second place in one moment, but then it’s quickly snatched again by Pedrossa. When the reporter asks Rossi about his feeling for winning the third place, he said that he didn’t feel down for the result. The Yamaha rider with the nickname “The Doctor” was satisfied with the results and his performance at Sachsenring. And he’s actually widens three points more than the winner of MotoGP Germany, Jorge Lorenzo.

Now currently Rossi’s points were within two to 13 points. It’s very important for Rossi to win the race to widen the gap between his points and Lorenzo’s points. And the first half season is also important to win the races as many as he can. But at the end, it’s not a good thing to take the risk when he knew that Lorenzo and Pedrossa are strong enough to win the race. That’s why Rossi didn’t finish at the first place since he wants to finish safely.
Furthermore, Rossi wants to make the race interesting. He said that he already knows that his position will be secure at the top even though he didn’t finish at the first place. Well, that’s only until the summer holidays. The second half will be more difficult for compete again, the Yamaha rider will race fiercely again for the second half season and win the races. He said that he felt happy because he knows that the second half will be interesting and he’ll definitely beats his rivals and secure his position again.
Rossi said about the competition between Marquez and him. This issue was actually the top issue because Rossi didn’t even beat him even not once during the race. Rossi knew since the first time that he stands so distance with Marquez and Marquez has bigger chance to win with his current position at MotoGP Germany. Rossi and his team want to make a stupid mistake by compete so fiercely for winning the first place. For the riders, it’s important to know their position so that they can decide whether they can win the race or not. They should also know what number their finish will be. The finish is deciding the racers points and sometimes their position for the next race.

Rossi Gives Opinion about MotoGP Season

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The first half season for the 2015 MotoGP competitions were over. And now, many teams are in the middle of preparation to go through the second half season in great performance. The next MotoGP competition for the second half season will be in Indianapolis on August 9, 2015. There are great and bad moments about the competitions that already held in the first half season. A lot of experts were explaining about the evaluation of the first half season. There are also some players that saying about their experience and their opinions about their races that they competed. One of the famous riders, Valentino Rossi also, gives his opinion about the event that has been running for nine this series so far.
Valentino Rossi shares his story about the competitions that he already joined during the first half season. Rossi said that so far, he felt that he’s doing the best performance during the race in the first series in Qatar. During that competition, Rossi finish the race in the first position after starting the race at the eight positions. It’s very hard to win the race when you start the race in that position. But well, Rossi did his best and snatch the trophy and smile proudly at the first place. Many people were praised the performance of this Yamaha rider
Rossi also shares his bad moment when he felt unsatisfied with his performance. He said that his worst performance was in the latest competition, the MotoGP Germany. At July 2015, he races in Mugello and get the third place at the end of the race. The stage that he’s compete at that time called Sachsenring, and he get total 179 collection points with the addition points from the third podium that he gets. Even though he didn’t win the race, he’s still at the top with 13 points higher from his close rival, Jorge Lorenzo.
He said that he felt disappointed with his performance in MotoGP Germany. But, he didn’t felt down and still happy because he’s still at the top position even though he finishes at the third place. He said that he can’t give his best performance because he didn’t want to take the risk by competing so fiercely. He already knew that he’ll be still at the top even without winning the race, that’s why he said that it’s better to give up and get the third position.
Rossi then continue his story with his best moment n the Qatar. He said that he’s really enjoying the race and he thought that that race is an incredible race. He can felt the fierce during the race for himself and his close rival, Andrea Dovizioso. He wants to win but he didn’t expect that he’ll be the winner at the end. Rossi said that it’s very important to begin the season with winning competition and he actually wins the race. He said that he’ll work harder and continue to performance his best for the next second half season.

The Hope for Hamilton McLaren to Risen Soon

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Driver Team AMG Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, hopes that his former team, McLaren-Honda, could soon rise in the future. It seems that the first half season in the 2015 is not the time for McLaren-Honda. The competitions were end but they can’t get great result during the performance in first half season competitions. Lewis Hamilton is actually very confused right now because there’s no good results come from the riders. It’s already known that getting good results in the first half season is very important because the second half season is usually fiercer than the first half season. If they can’t performance well in the first half season, it can be getting worse during the competitions in the second half season
McLaren-Honda has suffered and gets the worst result during the first half season. How can it concluded like that? Well, it’s kind of shown actually. From the nine races during this season, there’s no riders from McLaren-Honda that wins the competition. The two riders from McLaren-Honda, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, can’t give their best performance in this season. They can only get total five points for their performance. That’s really bad if we compare the points with other riders from other teams. Many people said that McLaren-Honda is getting a nightmare for this season.
From the total five points, four points were from Jenson Button, while Fernando Alonso could only be won by one point. From that result, no one can actually predict that both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button were actually the world champion racers. They actually change the machine with better machine for this season. With the new machine, they actually believe that they can repeat the glory that McLaren-Honda get by won four constructors' championship in 1988-1991. But it’s not actually what happening in this season.
However, the reality is not as expected. McLaren-Honda never achieves optimum results. It’s actually getting worse than the previous season. This fact should be motivating McLaren-Honda to focus more on the performance and the racers. It’s not only about the machine, but it’s also about the confident of the riders and how the team manages all preparations before the season starts. In the latest interview, Hamilton hoped the team which he defended in 2007-2012 may soon rise in the near future. It’s such a pity that McLaren-Honda didn’t show the best this season since they are actually great when Hamilton was in the team.
Hamilton said that this season is definitely a fierce season with many fierce riders, and McLaren-Honda had a fairly difficult season. Of course this condition is their normal performance, considering the fact that they still led by Ron Dennis, has a lot of mechanical reliability and overcome tremendous spirit. Hamilton believes that in the end they could rise soon and gives better results. Although this time they were plunged into darkness, hopefully they quickly towards the light at the end of the tunnel. We all hope that McLaren-Honda can find their comfortable state so they can give their best performance back again.




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